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December 20, 2010
Tripp Family Christmas Lights

Yahoo! Home Page Feature
The Tripp Family Christmas Lights is currently featured on Yahoo’s Home page in the Extreme Holiday Decorations editorial photo gallery. The gallery used a photo of the lights taken in 2007 which showed the house from a side view.

Quote Joey Tripp: “We discovered this by chance because of my phone. A little after 9pm my phone started buzzing like crazy because I was getting several email notifications. I was unaware of why I was getting so many emails but when I checked they were all coming from the website Flickr.com, the site we host our photos on. When I went to Flickr I saw several comments on one particular photo. I still didn’t know why that one photo was getting so much traffic. After several hours of searching I went to Yahoo.com and saw that an Extreme Holiday Decorations gallery was being featured on Yahoo!’s home page. I clicked the link and found the source of all the traffic.”
Flickr Photo Stats and Information

Update 12/21/2010: As of 2:30 AM, the photo has received 30,220 view and the count is growing by the minute.

Update 12/24/2010: Yahoo is no longer displaying the Extreme Holiday Decorations gallery on the home page. It was on the home page on December 20, 21, and 22. However, the gallery is still available and, at the moment of this update, it has 2,097,426 views and 491 comments. We acquired 72,853 views, 23 comments, and 11 people marking the picture as their favorite as the result of people clicking the Tripp Family Christmas Lights photo in the Yahoo gallery. To see a copy of the image stats click the image or here.

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