Recommendations for Dec. 20

December 15, 2014
Tripp Family Christmas Lights

Macedonia Baptist Church Living Nativity

Activity Schedule

We will have a free, fun-filled night on Saturday! The lights will be on, Santa Claus will be here, and Macedonia Baptist Church will be performing their annual Living Nativity.

The times for these activities are as follows:

  • Christmas Lights will be on at 6pm and turned off at 11pm
  • Santa Claus will be here at 6:30pm and will leave at 9pm
  • Macedonia Baptist Church will be performing 4 shows at 7:00pm, 7:45pm, 8:15pm, and 9:15pm.

What to Expect

We are expecting to have an extremely large crowd to visit Yonker on Saturday. We want to help you make the best of your experience in Yonker on Saturday and to help prepare you for the challenges you might face. We will work hard to help make your visit enjoyable but there are some things that will become a challenge based on the nature of the area and limited parking places.

We expect the following:
  • Extremely congested traffic in the area of the display and nativity.
  • People walking in the road
  • No parking close to the lights and nativity performance
  • Long lines to see Santa and the Christmas lights
  • Limited seating at the Nativity performance

 How to Prepare

With your help we can make the experience a great one! We have come up with a list of recommended methods to make your visit enjoyable and fun. Keep in mind this won’t solve all the problems but it will help you get the most out of your visit.

1. Wear Layers of Warm and Bright Clothing:

Wearing warm and bright clothings is the first thing that you need to do to prepare for your visit. All of the events will be outside and having plenty of layers of warm clothing will greatly help you! If you are cold natured, we recommend that you wear two layers of pants, two layers of shirts, a jacket, gloves, earmuffs, and proper footwear. We ask that the clothing you (especially children) wear has bright colors so you are easily visible in the dark. Please do not come in your pajamas pants, a t-shirt, a thin jacket, or flip flops (this has happened before) because you will be EXTREMELY cold and won’t enjoy your time with us. Update: the temperature is expected to be in the low 50’s.

2. Use the restroom before you arrive:

Our display is at a private residential home. We do not allow visitors to use the restroom unless it is an emergency. We recommend that you attempt to use the restroom at the first local business you come across before you arrive. For example: if you are coming from Macon or Warner Robins be sure to stop somewhere in Cochran to use the restroom, from Dublin then you need to stop somewhere in Dexter, from Eastman then you need to use the restroom before you leave as there are no midway points, etc. Planning your route in advance will help you figure out where to stop before you arrive.

3. Carpool with others

If you are planning to come with others be sure to carpool together to help reduce the amount of traffic. The traffic and people will make it very challenging to meet up with others or to follow others while driving. If you come together in the same vehicle then you have a better chance to spend your time together and will help reduce parking issues. If you are planning to arrive in a bus or large van, please contact Macedonia Baptist Church at or call (478) 278-9830. Macedonia Baptist Church has a designated area set aside for busses and large vans.

4. Arrive 1 hour to 30 minutes early

If you are planning to attend a living nativity show then you need to arrive very early so you can find a place to park on the side of the street. We will have people helping to direct traffic but it will be a challenge for everyone to park close to the lights or nativity area. Planning to arrive early will help guarantee that you are able to see one of the 4 performances of the living nativity.

5. Park in the first open space you find

We recommend that you park at the first open spot that you find. We don’t recommend that you try to park closer because of congestion and pedestrians. Finding a spot further away from the lights will help you out a lot more than parking closer to the lights. If you are handicap and disabled we will have designated handicap parking spaces. To get access to the handicap spots you must have a state issued handicap tag visible on the car or in the window, and when you arrive for handicap parking inform a traffic volunteer that you need access to the handicap parking spaces.

 6. Bring a flashlight

Be sure to bring your flashlight. All of the events will be outside and the lighting will be poor. By bringing your flashlight you ensure that you will be able to see where you are walking and you will be able to use it to signal traffic if needed. If you are planning to use your smartphone just be sure you have plenty of battery and a flashlight app installed.

7. Bring your camera

Do not forget to bring your camera so you can take pictures of the lights, the nativity, and Santa Claus. Make sure the camera you bring has a flash, plenty of battery power and storage, and does well taking pictures in low light. Your cellphone will not be a great choice to take photos as it will probably lack the ability to take great pictures in low light.

 8. Plan out your driving directions before you leave home

Figuring out your directions ahead of time will provide you with an opportunity to become familiar with the area and plan out your arrival. Make sure you have proper directions to arrive and leave the area. Also, as you are leaving you might not be able to turn around to head back the way you arrived. Plan your directions so that you are prepared to drive on both ends of Macedonia Church Road to prevent from getting lost.

9. Do not bring your pets

We allow pets but on Saturday we greatly discourage you from bringing your animals because of the large mass of people. Your pet won’t enjoy his or her time here with all the people and loud noises.

10. Bring your holiday cheer

While it will be busy and crowded, make sure you bring your holiday cheer and understanding. Everything happening on Saturday will be completely free of charge. Also, everyone working on Saturday will be a volunteer. We are doing this because we want to share the joy of Christmas and to brighten your holidays. If you get frustrated or angry please remember that we are not doing this to make money. We are doing this because we care and want to share our holidays with you.

These recommendations will help you have a great experience on Saturday. We look forward to seeing you then! Merry Christmas!

If you have any questions about Saturday please email or call us.

(478) 220-0024