For 30 years we have brightened the Winter sky and shared our love and joy for the holidays. Each year our family bands together to turn our small acre of land into a wonderland of lights, but this year we will be taking the holidays off. The Tripp Family is not hosting the 2015 Christmas Light display. Making this decision is one of the hardest challenges our family has faced in a very long time. The support our community has provided is the one of the reasons we have managed to continue this yearly tradition. We are not officially calling it quits forever. However, we do need to take a break from this holiday season to care for our family.

Thank you so much for your support and for your understanding. We know this change will impact the holiday traditions for so many people (including us), but with change comes the possibilities of growth and new beginnings. We wish you the very best and hope your holidays are bright and joyful!

With Love,
The Tripp Family

About the Tripp Family Christmas Lights

Tripp Family Christmas Lights is the largest residential Christmas lights display in Georgia with over 500,000+ lights for visitors to enjoy

Joe and Marie Tripp, the display owners, were married on December 24, 1974. They are the proud parents of five children: Monica, Mendi, Joey, Amanda, and Jami. Christmas has always been a special time of the year for the Tripp Family. Since the birth of their children the Tripp’s have decorated for the holidays, such as Halloween, Easter, Valentine’s Day, etc. Out of all the holidays, the Tripp’s always made Christmas special and the most celebrated. The beginning was nothing special, the display started with just a strand of lights on the front porch. Over time the display gradually grew bigger. What were a few strands of lights became a small display with a plastic Santa and decorated trees. Years later, the entire front yard was decorated with all kinds of plastic figures, wire decorations, and lights galore. This was still a modest and simple display and was nothing like we have today. What really sparked the light display they have today was a turning point for the entire family.

On May 28th 1995, Joe and Marie’s son Joey was diagnosed with stage 4 osteosarcoma (bone cancer) on his left femur. The Tripp’s were told by several doctors in Macon, GA that there was no hope because the cancer had progressed too far. The doctors said the only treatment they could offer was to amputate his leg and to send him home to live out his final days. With the help of some very special people and many prayers, the Tripp’s found doctors that were willing to help fight the cancer. Joey fought cancer from 1995 until 2001 and every year all he wanted was to see the Christmas lights. There were several times that Joey had to spend Christmas in the hospital to receive chemotherapy but it never stopped Joe and Marie from granting their child’s wish. Since then, the Tripp’s have increased the light display to encompass their entire yard. The Tripp’s decorate their home and welcome strangers to walk through and share the joy and hope that these lights have given them. Christmas is not only a time for giving gifts but it is also a time for family, miracles, joy, togetherness, and hope.

What we do?

Decorate our home with a lot of lights!

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How about Some Fun Facts about our display?

200 Amp Breaker Boxes are used for Christmas lights
Years of Decorating the Tripp Family Home
Weeks to put up the Lights
Awards from Holiday Decorations Competitions

The Tripp Family Christmas Lights is a family tradition dedicated to inspire joy, togetherness, and hope.